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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ours Ideas in Print

Reading good ideas from other teachers in other schools is a daily occurrence for us. It's simply part of what we do in our profession to get better. Now, we get to return the favor! This fall, Eye on Education will be publishing Classroom Motivation from A-Z.

Our school is included in Chapter C--"Catch Them Being Good" with a description of our Recognition Log and how we use it. The author was also very interested in how our lower grades have a "spot" for each student in the hall where his or her work is rotated for display throughout the year. Chapter G--"Goals and Success" details our use of student planners.

I have a copy of the author's draft that I will give to Mrs. Lumpkin so that she can add it to our library's professional section. Maybe we can even get a complimentary copy of the finished product when the book is published!

We have so many good ideas on our faculty. and because we know about them and benefit from them, we often assume teachers everywhere knows about them. Not true! As teachers, we are all better off because somebody somewhere shared their strategies with us. As we veteran teachers, our obligation is to return that favor.


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