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Thursday, October 27, 2005

General Announcements

  1. Internet access at home—Two years ago, we asked you to take a quick poll of how many students have internet access at home. It's time to get some updated data. You will find in your box a list of your students. Beside each name, please put either a Y or N. For some of our younger students, it may be hard to get accurate information from them. In that case, simply don't mark anything beside the student's name. Once you have finished, turn the sheet in to the office.
  1. Graham Christmas Ornaments are available.
  1. Teachers of the Year/JSU Teach Hall of Fame—We have two nominees for this honor: Robin McGraw and Allison Miles. I think either would represent our school well. We will vote on Tuesday during faculty meeting.
  1. Schoolwide International Festival—The country for this year is Japan. Before we start planning, we need to know if there are classes that are not interested in participating. Pleasing everyone is tough, as any of us who have taken on projects which impact the whole school will attest. Initial thoughts are to have a festival similar to last year’s format. Please let me know your thoughts as far as what you liked about last year’s festival, what you didn’t like, suggestions for making our festival even better. In particular, if you would rather not have your class participate, let us know that.


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