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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Network Printer, Makeup Day, Giftwrap

  1. Network printer-The printer formerly known as the "Target Teach Printer" has been hooked to another computer and is ready for use. To print to it, you will be looking for the computer named "libraryeleven." (To get to it, you would double-click Network Neighborhood if you are running Windows 98. If you are running Windows XP, follow the instructions on the handout I gave you that tells you how to set up a Windows XP computer). You will see the name of the computer printer as being "Lab 1." From a Windows 98 machine, you would double-click on the printer and follow the instructions from there. The printer is attached to a computer in the computer lab.
  2. Make-up Day-We will go to school on February 20 makeup for the day we missed due to Katrina.
  3. Party for giftwrap sale-Students who sold $60 or more in the Sally Foster giftwrap sale are invited to a special party! The date is Thursday (Oct. 20) and the time is 1:30. I will get you a list of names of students involved.
  4. Congratulations to Mrs. Hare's class for being tops in the Sally Foster giftwrap sale. They averaged $34.96 profit for the school per student. Seventy-nine percent of the class members sold at least one item.

Next Week-National School Bus Safety Week (This is a great time for all of use to remind our students how important it is to respect and cooperate with our bus drivers and follow the rules on the bus)
Monday-Party for Mrs. Hare's class for being tops in the Sally Foster Sale.
Tuesday-No faculty meeting. Postponed until next week.
Wednesday-Deadline for make-up pictures
Thursday-Party for Sally Foster sale (1:30)
Friday-Deadlines for nominations for Teacher of the Year/JSU Teacher Hall of Fame

Week After Next-Red Ribbons Week
Tuesday-Faculty Meeting
Friday-Fire Drill


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