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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Announcements and Events for Dec. 19-20

School Board Recognition Month—January is School Board Recognition Month. What if we had each student write a letter to a particular school board member? Here are a few sample topics: "The best thing about Graham School is…" "The most important thing I have learned this year in school is…" My favorite subject is…because…" I am open to suggestions on how to proceed with this. The January Board meeting is Jan. 9, so that would give us 3 days once we come back from the holidays. This might be a good exercise to help kids step back and look at their experiences to this point in the year. Each class could write to a particular board member. We would just need to be sure nobody is left out.

Stopwatch for your computer—This site lets you download a free timer/stopwatch that you can display on your computer. It can be used as a timer and count down to zero or can be used as a stopwatch to count up from zero. You have the option of it making a sound when it reaches zero. Because it is displayed on your computer screen, you can use your scanconverter to display it to the entire class on your television. When you go to this site, you will see a small link at the top of the page that says "Download." You have a choice between 2 downloads: an "exe" and a "zip." I would choose the "exe" unless you have had some experience with unzipping files.

Printer in the office—If you need to print something to the printer in the office, please let Mrs. Sorrell know before you do so. If she happens to be printing purchase orders or cutting checks, it causes a real mess. (Most of you do not even have this printer in your list, so it's nothing you would need to worry about anyway.)

Posting Grades—Be sure to have all grades posted before going home for Christmas. Remember the Manual Grade Entry for those subjects that are S, N, U.

Next Week

Tuesday—Dismissal at 12:35
Tuesday—Grades due before you leave.

Next week, you will see a detailed plan for the Jan. 3 professional development day and other events happening that first week.


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