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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Announcements and dates

Posting grades for the 3rd six weeks—The 3rd six weeks ends with the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. Can we look at having grades posted before going home for Christmas? It would be great to come back from Christmas 100% up to date. Would posting before going home for Christmas cause a problem for anyone?

Storage trailer—If you have not already taken a look at the storage trailer to see if there are treasures in there, I will have it open during the day next week. If there is anything of yours in there that even remotely looks like it could be mistaken for junk, please put a note on it not to throw it away. Unfortunately, we have too much stuff hanging around because nobody was quite sure whether it was good stuff or junk.

Repeating task lists—By now, you should have had the opportunity to get with the other people who signed up for various committees (laminator, t-shirts, copier, Awards Day, etc.) to decide who is going to assume which tasks. Some have done that and given me their updates. Others have not. Once I get those, I will enter the updates on the master lists, get fresh copies to everyone, and go about getting everybody knowing what they need to know and be able to do.

Internet access at home—Thank you for conducting a poll of your students. Here are the percentages of students by grade level that have internet access at home:








I think these figures are important for us to know so that we do not disregard a very valuable tool that we can be asking students to use. At the same time, almost 1/2 of our students do not have internet access at home. We can encourage them to use those resources at the public library or go to a friend's house to use the Internet there.

Notes from Staff Development Committee

The Staff Development Committee had a called meeting so that we could discuss and decide what to do about the requests for the various workshops/conferences. We had this called meeting because some of the teachers had to go ahead and register before a certain deadline.

We decided to go ahead and approve the already requested workshops/conferences for this semester. We decided to be particular with the remaining balance of approximately $762.00.

Next Week—American Education Week

  • Tuesday—Retired Teacher Lunch
  • Tuesday—Faculty Meeting
  • Thursday—Debbie Lett from Voyager visiting
  • Friday—1st Grade to Barnyard
  • Friday—Fire Drill

Week After Next

  • Monday—BBSST
  • Tuesday—Blazer Animal Show
  • Wednesday—Begin Thanksgiving Holidays


At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Lee on Posting Grades early: The Friday before (I think it's the 16th) is fine with me. I'll go with the majority.

At 7:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 16th is ok with me.


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