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Friday, February 24, 2006

STIHome for teachers

Each student was given a sheet to take home telling parents how to log into STIHome. There is also a module for teachers. Here is what you can do with it:

  1. You can see your own attendance for the year. You will see the dates of your absences, the reason, and who the sub was.
  2. You can leave notes for parents. If every home had internet access, this would be the perfect replacement for the paper notes that you hope get home. With around half of our homes having internet access and half not, plus no assurance that a parent would go to that internet site daily, it is probably not going to be the best way to communicate things parents need to know tonight. It might be something that you would use to write a "congratulations"-type note. That way, the next time the parents went to STIHome, they would see a nice surprise. Since there might be times when you would send several such notes than all say the same thing, you could copy and paste the same text for different students. Just a thought.
  3. You could do lesson plans here. (You can also do lesson plans in STIClassroom.) Anything you put on the homework tab would show up for the students on their STIHome. I have not done much with the lesson plan part of the program to see how much of a time saver it would be.

You will find in your box a sheet that will have your login information. The sheet will say that it's for STICaller, but it's for STIHome. The website is To begin, you would go to this address: https://iiod.ssts.com/Home.asp?state=AL (You could then save that address as a "Favorite."

From there, select the school district and then the school. You will be asked for the two pieces of information on that sheet.


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