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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Announcements and Events

School Interventionist—Tameka Russell has been hired as our school interventionist. Many of you remember Jennifer Bryant who worked jointly with the Talladega City Schools and DHR. Ms. Russell has that same exact position. She has scheduled time every Monday to come to Graham and will be working with several students who we have identified as needing her attention. Having a person in this position gives us one more tool to help with those few families where help is desperately needed.

Posting Grades—Grade posting for the 4th six weeks has been turned on, so you may post grades whenever you have recorded all of your grades for the six weeks. The six weeks ends Wednesday, which works well with the student holidays beginning at that point. Please have all of your grades posted by the time you leave school on Friday, Feb. 17. That will give me time to check for problems, get them printed, and have them ready to go home the next Friday.

Bulletin Board Schedule—Just a reminder of which grades are responsible for the front bulletin board between now and the end of the school year:

  • March—5th Grade
  • April—3rd Grade
  • May—2nd Grade

American Rhetoric is a source for some of the great speeches of history. You can click on the "mp3" link on any speech and download it to your computer. You can then play it yourself or your class. The site also gives you a list of the top 100 speeches ranked in order and available for your listening.

Next Week

  • Monday—Vision Screening for K and 2
  • Monday—Author Study Committee Meeting
  • Tuesday—Valentine's Day
  • Wednesday—I will be in Montgomery
  • Thursday—Professional Development
  • Friday—Professional Development

Week After Next

  • Monday—Vision Screening for K and 2
  • Tuesday—Faculty Meeting
  • Wednesday—I will be in Montevallo
  • Thursday—Science Fair at Talladega College
  • Thursday—Kickoff cookie dough sale
  • Thursday— A representative from the Retirement System will be here to talk about theRSA-1 Deferred Compensation Plan and Flexible Benefits Plan. The meeting will begin at 2:50 in the library. Attendance is optional.
  • Thursday—Society of 1904 meeting in library (5:30)
  • Friday—Science Fair at Talladega College
  • Friday—Accelerated Reader Store
  • Friday—Recycling
  • Saturday—Birmingham International Festival workshop (7:45 at Homewood Middle School)


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