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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Announcements and Events

STI Professional Development—You have done a great job of catching on to the STI Professional Development program. Well over 200 requests have shown up on my screen, all of which I have approved. If you haven’t already done so, you will probably want to add that site to your Favorites list and jot down your username and password somewhere. I keep one list of all of my passwords, account numbers for businesses I deal with, codes and other miscellaneous numbers in one list, and then guard that list with my life. I have added to my repeating task list to check the site each week for training requests to approve. I will also continue to work on figuring out how we can get our workshops on the website so that you can “sign up” for stuff there.

Dottye Armstrong, teacher at Ellis, has been approved for catastrophic leave. If you would like to donate days, I have the forms.

Bulletin Board Schedule (Please put the applicable information on your calendar)

  • February—Mrs. Lumpkin and Kindergarten
  • March—5th Grade
  • April—3rd Grade
  • May—2nd Grade
PTO Board—The next meeting is January 24. If you have PTO requests, get those to Cay Davis.

Bare Books—Mrs. Parker reported that the cost of the larger Bare Books was significantly higher than the smaller ones. We will purchase just the smaller sizes for all grades.

Math Standards and ARMT—Now is the time to really look at the standards which will be tested on the math section of the ARMT that you have not covered as yet. It is critical that everything the students are to be able to do on the test has been taught prior to the test. Skipping over skills is always dangerous in math, but managing the time between now and April so that the students are prepared is crutial.

Supervision at assemblies when assembly falls during your planning time—I think each group discusssed this point. Mrs. Barrow and Mrs. Lumpkin would be happy to take you class either 1) during the assembly; or 2) at another time during the day. Either way, that would give you a planning time. Simply get with the appropriate person to make arrangements.

Highly Qualified—I spoke with Mr. Campbell again about the procedure for getting reimbursed for expenses related to your becoming highly qualified (if you are not already).
  1. See Phyllis Givens to get a form where you will list what you want to do.
  2. Sign up for the Praxis II or appropriate college class(es). You would pay for this and then be reimbursed.
  3. Present to Mr. Campbell proof that you have completed the requirements. (You passed the course or received a passing grade on Praxis.) There was also talk of if you didn't pass Praxis the first time, paying for your first unsuccessful attempt as well. They will not reimburse for more than two attempts for sure. Of course, our teachers are all so smart that wouldn't be an issue anyway!

Faculty Meeting Agenda
  • SACS Accreditation—There are some major changes in how SACS accreditation will work. During this meeting, we will examine what I know, what is still unknown, and start to get a direction.
  • Title I Schoolwide Compact—We will look at this document and determine if having one compact for all grades is the best way to go or whether a document focused on a grade cluster (or even individual grade) would be better.
  • Parent Survey—I think we will have the option of designing our own rather than using the same one districtwide. That will allow us to get the information we really want and help us to evaluate our programs.

Next Week
Monday—MLK Birthday
Tuesday—Faculty Meeting
Thursday—I will be in Tuscaloosa

Weeks After Next
Friday—Graham Shirts, Fire Drill


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