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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Schedule for January 3

8:00—Workshop on STI Professional Development. The entire state is moving towards having all professional development handled through a web-based program. You will be able to register for workshops, request credit for workshops, see everything you have received credit for, etc. at one website. John Locklin will lead this workshop. This session will be for certified personnel only.

8:30—Getting comfortable with storing data digitally. With each passing year, we receive more and more information digitally. Figuring out the best ways to store it and find it when you need it are new skills sets. This session will help shed light. This workshop is for everyone.

10:00-11:00—Data meeting for K-1 in Mrs. Parker’s room

11:00-12:30—Lunch on your own

12:30-1:30—Data meeting for 2-3 in Mrs. Parker’s room

1:30-2:30— Data meeting for 4-6 in Mrs. Parker’s room

2:30-3:00—BLT Meeting in library

Other Workshops

9:00-12:00—Counselor Meeting in Cheryl Ford’s office

8:00-3:00—Training in administration of medication at THS ROTC room. Only those I have talked with would attend.

Times that you are not designated to be in a workshop are times you will be able to follow-up on other items from the day and to prepare for the return of our students.


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