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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Makes Sense Strategies

At our faculty meeting on Feb. 17, we mentioned the "Makes Sense Strategies." The CD is actually a very useful tool, but I don't think it has gotten much use. Here is how you can have the entire contents of the CD-ROM on your computer:
  • Go to My Computer
  • Double-click on the G drive
  • Double-click on the "Stuff" folder
  • You will see a folder called "Makes Sense Strategies." Drag it to your desktop.
  • You will see it start to copy files. When it's done, you are through.
  • After the files have finished copying, I would suggest you drag your new Makes Sense Strategies folder into you’re my Documents folder.

    To me, the best part of this CD is the graphic organizers that you can pull up and write on. Once you have copied the folder to your desktop. Here is where to find them:
  • Double-click on the Makes Sense Strategies folder.
  • Double-click on the "Think-Sheet Templates" folder.

    You will see two folders. They contain the same graphic organizers. One is in color and wold be good to use on your scan converter. The other is black and white and would be more for printing off and Xeroxing. With either one, you can type right on the organizer and save it with any title you choose. As you will see, the individual graphic organizers are not that well named. You will pretty much have to just double-click on each one to see what it is. I doubt you will use all of them. Instead, you will probably find a few that you will use over and over.


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