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Thursday, April 20, 2006


  • PDP—If you are not going through full evaluation, please stop by the office to look over and sign your PDP. If you would like to talk about the score, we can arrange a more extended time.
  • Poster printer—I received a call from a company regarding a poster printer that will take an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper and turn it into a poster. They will send us a machine free of charge to try for 8 school days. They pay shipping both ways. They will also send enough materials for 40 posters. Munford Elementary has this same machine. My first thought is to have them send one just before the beginning of school. In the mean time, you could think in terms of one or two posters you would like to make. (We don't need any one person hogging it all.) That would give us some needed posters at no cost. The machine runs over $3,000 to purchase. You could also do some thinking in terms of how much of a priority that machine would be.
  • Plato—Denise Malone will be back with us on May 16. We will follow the same schedule as before. I will arrange substitutes for your classes.
  • Someone else has our idea
  • More pictures from the Young Author’s Day and Yagibushi coming soon on GrahamSchool.blogspot.com


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