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Friday, April 07, 2006

Oportunity for public comment on Course of Study

This coming year, the Alabama State Course of Study for English Language Arts and Alabama State Course of Study for Driver and Traffic Safety Education will be revised. Each course of study is revised approximately every seven years. These documents drive the curriculum in all Alabama public schools.

You have to opportunity to give written input regarding these documents and what should be contained in them. Comments may be submitted by April 28, 2006, and should be submitted to:
Cindy Sewell

For the past year, I have served on the Arts Education Course of Study Committee for Arts Education, and I can tell you that the comments received from the public are taken very seriously. In addition to this opportunity, there will be two other opportunities for the public to view working copies of those courses of study of make comments. You should especially look for a window of time in October. Our Arts Education Committee read every single comment that we received from throughout the state, and as a committee came to a decision as to whether we felt the suggestion should be accepted and our document changed (and why), rejected (and why), and partially accepted. Rest assured the public comments receive considerable weight.


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