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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Announcement and Calendar Events

Spring Pictures—The complimentary package for teachers is "Package 6." Notice you can choose a style A, B, D, or D. If a student wants to buy a package where his or her name actually appears on the package, there is a spot on the envelope for the student to clearly print that name.

Serial Numbers and Length of RJ45 Adapter—Blessed are they who handle simple things quickly. If you receive one of the computers that had been in the lab and have e-mailed me the serial numbers and the length of the RJ45 adapter you need, thank you! If you are wondering where we are in the process of getting you those RJ45 adapters, I am going to give John a list of what we need at one time. That means if you got one of the computers and have not responded, you are holding up the show for everyone. (Yes, it's been a long day, and that's the best I could do at putting it diplomatically.)

Next Week
Friday—Due date for spring pictures
Friday—End of six weeks

Week After Next
Tuesday—Deadline to post grades
Friday—Report cards
Friday—Poetry Alive


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