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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The PDP is available on the Internet. You can open it by clicking here. You can type directly on the page and then save the document to your computer. You will notice that the file is a "pdf" file. If you are unable to open it, you probably do not have Adobe Acrobate Reader on your computer. (Acrobat reader is also needed to print a gradebook from STI ClassroomWeb.) If you need Adobe Acrobate Reader, you can get it here if you are running Windows XP (the newest computers in the building). For those running Windows 98, you can go here and select Windows 98 from the menu. You may notice a couple of minor changes in the form, but nothing that will impact your goals or how you carry them out.

In talking with Dr. Barbara Walters, who is over PEPE at the Alabama State Department of Education, she said that on the "Student Achievement Goal" it is OK to have a goal that an entire grade level shares or even a goal that the entire school shares. I will talk with our Staff Development Committee in more detail. You can be thinking of the upside and downside of that idea. The goal you have on page one (related to your lower areas from the last evaluation) would be individual for all teachers.

I was originally looking at a date of Sept. 1 for PDPs to be turned in. To allow more time for thought on the advantages of a grade level of even school goal (which would tie into school goals we are looking at for our Title I Schoolwide Plan and CSR grant), let's move that to Oct. 5 (the first day back from the fall break).

Any initial thoughts on having a Student Achievement Goal that is common across the grade level or school?


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