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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Budget Committee—In your boxes, you will find ballots to nominate the Budget Committee. Only certified people receive the ballots. The stipulation to serve on the committee is that you must be a certified person. The Budget Committee will meet on Field Day. (I will get with them on a time.) On May 9, we will have a faculty meeting where one of the agenda items will be to vote on the budget. Next year, you will receive $525 in classroom instructional money. You will keep ALL of it. The legislature has appropriated separate funds in the amount of $200 per teacher to cover the cost of common purchases.
Please lock your classroom when you leave the room. Preventing theft is so much easier than the time and energy spent on a "who-dun-it" an hour later.

Arts Camp—Tommy Moorehead is offering us two scholarships to Arts Camp. To me the ideal student would be one who otherwise would not have the financial means to go and would genuinely appreciate the opportunity. This would be someone who has a good attitude in class and tries hard. There are those people in life that you just like to see good things happen to out of the blue. Here is an opportunity for that to happen to two students.

Rockets—On the table in the Lounge are quite a few rockets that have fallen off of the planets. If any are yours, feel free to collect them so they can be put back up.

The following faculty and staff members will represent our school as you choose your next principal:

  • Fannie Barnes
  • Angela Estelle
  • Allison Miles
  • Susie Pressley
  • Cathy Sorrell

Bathroom monitors—Each class should have monitors that check the condition of the bathrooms before students enter and after they leave.

Stamps for report cards—Last year upwards of 10% of our kids never got a report card for lack of a stamp. Let’s stay on top of the kids about taking care of that small detail. Right now, do you know exactly who still needs to bring a stamp. Having worked with you as long as a have, I can pretty well tell you which teachers have a list of who needs to bring a stamp and have been bugging the kids daily about it and which teachers have never even thought about making a list. If you are in that second category, you are thinking about it right now because you are reading this sentence. STOP! Don’t read any further until you put that thought on paper in a place you will see at the appropriate time. When we mail report cards, it sure would be nice for EVERY child to get one.

End-of-Year Evaluations—Next week, I will post a sign-up sheet for support personnel and those going through PEPE full evaluation.

How would you like to read this blog in Spanish?


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