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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Announcements and Instructions for Closing School

  1. Instructional Assistants—We will meet Monday after school as a group. I will have your end-of-year evaluations completed. I don’t think any of you will see anything surprising. Had there been any problems, we would have talked long before now.
  2. Faculty Meeting—I don’t have anything specific, and it may turn out that we are able to cancel this meeting. This would be our last shot at clearing up anything regarding Awards Day or anything else before students leave.
  3. Luncheon—PTO to furnish lunch on Friday. Time will be approximately 11:30.
  4. End-of-the-Year Checksheet—You have probably been wondering where that is. I have been waiting on clarification on a couple of things from STI, but you will have it at the first of next week.
  5. Collecting textbooks—Go ahead and collect textbooks Monday.
  6. Boxing books—Joni has arranged for a company that purchases old books to look at our science books. We need to be sure to box them.
  7. Logins and passwords—What logins and passwords do you every day that you are going to forget over the summer? Will you remember the password to get into your computer? STI? The Xerox machine? Why not flip in your calendar to August right now while you are thinking about it and jot that information down?
  8. Cumulative Folders—You will be receiving a sticker to put on the back of the permanent (student’s address, etc.) like we did last year.
  9. Checkouts After Awards Day Ceremony—I will be placing in the boxes of homeroom teachers a “Check-In/Checkout Record.” Please take this sheet with you to the Awards Day ceremony. If a parent wants to check his/her child out after the ceremony, the parent needs to see you. Put the child’s name on the sheet. You do not need to fill in the time, date, or have the parent sign, but just the name.
  10. Bulletin Board Schedule—The schedule for next school year is posted on the Staff Room bulletin board. You may sign up at any time.
  11. Personal Leave—Any unused personal leave days will be converted to sick leave at the end of the school year. The conversion of these days will show up in the June paycheck. Certified people have the option of being paid for unused state-paid days (first 2 days). If you wish to be paid for them instead of having them converted to sick leave, there is usually a form that Mrs. Sorrell has that you would need to sign. I have not seen any information come from the central office yet, so if you would rather be paid for the days, be sure not to let next week slip by without asking about it.
  12. Alabama Educational Technology Conference—This is a “last call” for those who would like to attend AETC. This link will also take you to the information. The registration form is on page. (PDF files can take a while to fully load, so give it a couple of minutes.) We have some professional development funds available that will pay the registration for this two-day workshop. If you would like to go, simply fill out the registration form and get it to me. I will get one purchase order to cover everyone.
  13. Becoming a U.S. Citizen—As native-born Americans, we take for granted being U.S. citizens. For those coming here from foreign lands, becoming an American is not so easy. Here is a sample Naturalization Test. I wonder how well many of the people we see on street each day would do if they had to earn their citizenship.


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