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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Vision for the End of the Year—In August, we took time in a faculty meeting for you to write a letter—a letter to yourself. You dated it May 25 and wrote it as if the year had already come to an end. Can you put your hands on it? On May 25, let's take a look at what we wrote and see how closely the vision we had in August matches the reality we created.

Bulletin Board Schedule—The schedule for next year is posted on the Staff Room bulletin board. You may go ahead and sign up for the month you would like.

Plato ID number—This number is one to joy down for future reference. It is our Plato ID number: 7002002005. When you call their tech support, they want to know that number. When you go to their support site, which is http://support.plato.com you will have to enter that number in the appropriate window to be allowed into the program.

Mr. Ellison's class—This is an excellent site for 6th graders. It was created by a middle school computer teacher in Georgia. He has done all of the work. Your students can enjoy the fruits of his labor.

PTO requests—If you have requests for PTO. The PTO meets Monday night, so be sure to get them to Cay Davis before that time.


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